Buy 3 get 2 free of equal or lessor value.

   Special adult hardback over stock sale buy 2 get 3 free (excludes children and young-adults books) of equal or lessor value.


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Books are half of retails unless otherwise marked with  min of $2.00 price.

DVD are $2.00, unless otherwise marked.

Blue rays are $3.00 unless otherwise marked.

Computer games are $5.00 unless otherwise marked.

Games are priced as marked.

Games boards are price as marked.

Comics are $1.00.

Posters are $2.00.


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We take in books, movies, and games as needed.

We give store credit for what we take in.

Store credit can be used toward all used products.

There is a $3.00 processing fee when using store credit.


Hardbacks – 10% of price.

Paperbacks – 20% of price.

All others items check with sales associate.